Our clients stick to us because we outdo what we commit. It’s not just about controlling pests but using knowledge in managing them efficiently, spreading awareness, offering quality service and ensuring safety. Imagine the difference between visiting an immature doctor and a Specialist to curb a disease… You’ll understand the difference. But, if you are looking for points which set us apart from the crowd, we don’t mind.
Some of the features which are delivered only by PestCom in the industry are as under:

  • ✔ A Formulized Pest Management Program with written procedures
  • ✔ Licensed and trusted by over 2 Million Satisfied Clients
  • ✔ Safety from Chemicals – Odorless Treatments also available
  • ✔ Treatment within 24 Working Hours
  • ✔ Not necessary to Vacate the Premises
  • ✔ Only Tested & Quality Products used with no side effects
  • ✔ Your Schedule – Our Schedule. Available on All Week Days as per Your Convenience
  • ✔ Absolute Value for Money
  • ✔ Least Time to consume for Treatments
  • ✔ I-Based Customer-Focused Approach
  • ✔ No Post-Treatment Damage to Furniture or Property
  • ✔ Honest, Reliable & Co-operative Staff
  • ✔ Professional Knowledge & International Experience giving World Class Quality
  • ✔ Clarity and Transparency in the system
  • ✔ Latest Technology
  • ✔ Post Treatment Helpline
  • ✔ Committed to Discipline & Quality
  • ✔ Enhanced Life-style Statement with a Big Brand
  • ✔ Total Coverage under Insurance
  • ✔ Most Importantly – PestCom Guarantee

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