Heat Treatment

High Velocity Gas Fired Heating Systems

High velocity gas heating is a well-established technique used throughout industry for a wide range of applications that include the PWHT of pressure vessels, spheres and tanks by internal firing. The technique with its excess air facility is also well suited to the dry-out of refractory linings and the controlled heat-up of furnaces in the glass industry where very low rates of heating are essential. The method is one in which the Company is highly experienced and expert as it was the primary system offered at its inception. Potentially lethal to humans, toxic gases have been used for many years to kill pests. But now food and timber industries across the world are looking to heat treatment as an effective and safer means of controlling insects.

How does heat treatment work?

In heat treatment, a temperature of 50°C to 52°C needs to be maintained for one hour to kill most species of insect. As most bins and food production machinery are made of metal, a good conductor of heat, treatment is simply a matter of insulating the treatment area. This procedure is similar to that carried out during fumigation, except the seal does not need to be gas tight, so the plastic sheeting is easier and quicker to put in place. Temperature monitoring equipment is inserted to monitor heat distribution via a laptop, and application of the indirect burn clean air from powerful oil fired mobile heaters. Even wood and concrete conduct heat, although at a slower rate, so treatment of these items is also possible.


 Fumigation is a method of managing pests that fills an area completely with gaseous pesticides/ fumigants to suffocate or poison the pests within. It is utilized for control of pests in buildings (structural fumigation), soil and grain and is also used during processing of goods to be imported or exported to prevent transfer of exotic organisms. This method also affects the structure itself, affecting pests that inhabit the physical structure, such as woodborers and dry wood termites.

Gel (HERBAL) Treatments

This treatment is very effective to control roaches without affecting the home natural atmosphere. The Gel is applied beneath slabs, cracks, splits where cockroaches hide, the gel attracts them to feed on it and die. This will be an immediate relief from the cockroach menace. This treatment is popular among residences since, being odorless and safe, it doesn’t affect their daily routine in shifting or moving any article.

Termite Inspection /Infrared Technology

We use thermal-imaging technology, or thermograph, to find termites and other pest infestations in buildings and houses. Our infrared camera peeps inside walls to give you visible proof of termite infestations and to accurately show the extent of the problem. Termite detection is difficult with traditional methods that literally rely on knocking on wood. Thermal imaging can locate termites without destroying any wood. It’s quick, effective, and does not require drilling or poking holes in walls The infrared termite location camera has taken the struggle against the termite up to a new level. It has also lowered the amount of damage that an examination for termites leads to and it should bring the cost of a survey down as well.