They are uninvited visitors living with you, spreading unhealthiness in every corner of your home. They are damaging your health as well as your homes, even without your knowledge. We, at PestCom do understand the problem and provide all the advice and practical help you need to get rid of it forever. We provide affordable treatments ensuring your family’s Health and Eliminating your problem – GUARANTEED!!!

We undertake Various One-time Treatments and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) to eliminate all the prevailing or potential Hazards for all Residential Premises like Individual Flats/Bungalows, Townships, Housing Societies, Farmhouses etc. including special treatments for kennels, nests and shelters for other pets.

As different premises possess different natural conditions, it is very important to Design a Treatment that suits your particular requirement the best. It is not just about eliminating the problem; it is mainly to take care of your family’s health just as your Family Doctor does.PestCom’s certified service technicians are specially trained with the latest scientific techniques to handle all pest infestations, quickly identifying and eliminating the problem for your convenience and peace of mind. Interior and perimeter treatments are provided with flexible scheduling arranged to ensure your satisfaction.

 Services Provided:

  • ✔ Cockroach Management Prevention
  • ✔ Bed-Bug Elimination
  • ✔ Mosquito Management
  • ✔ Termite Elimination and Prevention
  • ✔ Wood-borer Elimination and Prevention
  • ✔ Rodent Elimination and Prevention
  • ✔ Crawling Insect Management
  • ✔ Flying Insect Management
  • ✔ Bird Management
  • ✔ Wildlife Management
  • ✔ Mole Management
  • ✔ Fumigation
  • ✔ Inspection and Consulting
  • ✔ Strictly Managed Programs

How we work with you?

This is your home and we firmly believe that you need to be in Management of what kind of treatment takes place in it. All of our solutions and recommendations are based on thorough discussions with you and what is best for your home and surrounding environment. At the same time we provide all the guidelines necessary, to be followed by each resident in order to prevent future infestation. After all, we can eliminate the problem only by joining hands.Residential Pest Management is necessary for the well-being of your family and your home. Protect your health and your financial investment with Pest Management Treatments from PestCom.

PestCom Season Defined Treatment:

Spring: Exclusive Treatment of attached garage, outside foundation, patio areas, porches, and overhangs for spiders, ants, centipedes, clover mites, and other outside crawling insects. Treatment of kitchen, bath, and basement for roaches and silverfish.

Summer: Exclusive Treatment of kitchen, bath, basement, garage, outside foundations, patio areas, porches, and overhangs for spiders, ants, centipedes, roaches, and other crawling insects; and check for pantry pests.

Fall: Bait for rodents. Treatment of kitchen, bath, garage, outside foundations, and overhangs for spiders and other crawling insects.

Winter: Inspection for rodent activity, change baits. Treatment of kitchen, bath, garage, and basement for roaches, spiders, and silverfish.

Clues they are living with you:

  • ✔ Your children complain of Itchy Skin or Rashes.
  • ✔ Your children scratch their head/scalp frequently.
  • ✔ You frequently suffer from flu-like symptoms, head-ache/ body-ache or pain in the joints.
  • ✔ You sometimes notice Spots of Blood on Bed Clothes.
  • ✔ You notice some Unknown Black Spots on the walls/ around Switch Boards.
  • ✔ Your grocery frequently includes Anti-Cockroach/ Anti-Mosquito Sprays and then also the problem persists.
  • ✔ You sometimes have Sleepless Nights feeling something is irritating your comfort
  • ✔ Your home, especially walls, has some distorted or asymmetric area of bubbles in the paint.
  • ✔ Your pet-fur shed.
  • ✔ You notice Webs in the corners of your home.
  • ✔ You sometimes feel unpleasant smell in your bedroom or kitchen.
  • ✔ You or your family gets skin infection frequently.
  • ✔ You find unknown animal/ bird droppings & waste in your yard.
  • ✔ You notice Plant damage to indoor or outdoor plants.