The main concern for school and colleges is the potential transmission of Pests from child to child, child to furniture,
furniture to staff, etc. Pests are notorious stowaways and may hitch a ride in or on bags, clothing, books, and other items so
they are easily brought to and from infested homes. Pests find homes in many places in and around schools, such as:

1. Cafeterias: pests are attached to food and water in confined locations such as between appliances and in laminates.

2. Class Rooms: Pests populations increase in untidy areas such as desks and closets.

3. Lockers:  Clutter and food can easily be collected in lockers throughout the school area, providing a safe harbor and
breeding ground for pests.

4. Gyms and Locker rooms: These areas can be warm and poorly ventilated, providing breeding grounds for pests.

5. Dumpsters: Waste receptacles and surrounding areas are vulnerable to pest problems, specially when they are in close
proximity to school buildings.

6. Exterior conduits:  All openings to the outdoors provide easy entry access for Pests.M

7. Landscapes, School Grounds, And Athletic Fields: Neglected landscapes can attract a wide variety of pests, including
those that destroy school structures