PestCom, the experts in Pest Management, is the only organized Pest Management Company which provides complete 360° coverage to your premises with its detailed processes and latest technologies friendly for pregnant women, new-born/ young kids, old-aged family members and your pets. PestCom name is synonymous with Pest Management in many of the world markets. PestCom technicians pride themselves on their expertise to provide homes and businesses with world class eco-friendly treatments and protect them from pest problems.

Today, when everyone is so conscious of Health & Hygiene, we have taken a step AHEAD, pushing everyone in an Affordable Healthy Environment After Diagnosis (AHEAD™) of the problem. Whether you already have a pest problem, or you want to make sure that you never do, PestCom provides all the advice and practical help you need. PestCom provides comprehensive and lasting solutions to all types of pest problem. From creepy crawlies to flying insects, rodents, birds, wildlife, stray animals, spiders, cockroaches, ants, termites, and what not?

Carrying Leadership in the Industry:

  • ✔ Introduction of Wildlife & Stray Animal Control.
  • ✔ Providing a Designed Treatment after Pest Threat Analysis.
  • ✔ Industry Wise Solutions with I-Based Programs for Commercial Clients.
  • ✔ 100% Customer Satisfaction.
  • ✔ ‘0’ Complaints.
  • ✔ Not just Pest Control… We deal into Pest Management…

PestCom uses highly trained, knowledgeable staff and the latest technology to help protect you from pest infestations – whether it’s a downright nuisance or a potentially serious Health & Safety issue. We offer full preventative programs as well as effective elimination treatments. PestCom is licensed by Government, so works to the highest professional standards.

Pest infestations – Whether insects, roaches, rats or mice, each pose a serious risk of contamination, infection and prosecution under the Health & Safety at Work and Food Safety Acts. With PestCom 360° Management Program, you don’t have to worry, because we take care of everything for you.

PestCom 360° Management :

Evolution & Inspection :

Our Early Warning System keeps strategically-located monitors in action 24-hours a day. Knowledgeable technicians will inspect your premises regularly and provide all documentation necessary for Environmental Health Officers.

Control & Elimination

If there is any evidence of an infestation, PestCom eliminates it promptly and effectively. We use the advanced techniques along with medicines, the best in International industry, to solve the problem – all carried out by qualified technicians to strict guidelines.

Treatment & Protection

PestCom offers a range of proofing systems to guard against future invasions of pests. Our skilled technicians will show you how to minimize the risks to your premises – and your business. PestCom use the most reliable products available in the International market for all the treatments.

Cleanliness and safety

We always maintain high standards of safety and cleanliness during pest Management at your premises. If you have pests and need them gone, we can get rid you of unwanted house guests – faster, safer and GUARANTEED.

Food Storage and Waste Management

We conduct a small training for the staff and also give special instructions to the people who handle Foods & Beverages on maintenance of Food Storage & Facilities and Management of Wastes.

Review & Feedback

We take Customer Feedback & Comments about our services & products ensuring that a TOTAL-SATISFACTION is delivered to them as per our Values which have helped us set a new benchmark for ourselves every time.