Agricultural Pest Management has been successfully delivering pest management solutions in India over years. At PestCom, it is mandatory for the whole vertical to possess ground-level experience of Agricultural Biology.

Agricultural Herbicide:

we offer a wide range of agricultural herbicide that is used to kill unwanted plants. These organic herbicides kill specific targets while leaving the desired crop totally unharmed.

Agricultural Insecticide:

We are engaged in manufacturing and supply a comprehensive range of agricultural insecticide, which is immensely used in agriculture for protection of crops and plants from insects & damage caused by them. Being a quality centric organization, we formulate these insecticides using superior and well researched formulations that are highly effective in protecting the crops from pests and diseases.

Agricultural Fungicide:

We manufacture and supply high quality agricultural fungicide, that is extremely effective for making the plant resistant to different deadly diseases including blights root rot, soft rot, downy mild hew, quick wilt, damping off etc. These agricultural fungicides can be applied to soil to control fungi residing there, to the seed & foliage of plant to be protected, or to harvested produce to prevent storage losses. We stringently test these fungicides at each level of production and offer them in proper packaging.

PestCom Plant Division:

This division offers many services that are designed to promote the health and growth of your landscape & production and manage plant pests. Some of our services include:

  • ✔ Disease & Pest Identification
  • ✔ Deep Root Fertilization, including Palm Trees
  • ✔ ree & Landscape Spraying
  • ✔ Fungus Management
  • ✔ Weed Management
  • ✔ Soil Analysis
  • ✔ Olive Tree Fruit Prevention

PestCom Plant Treatment:

One of the most essential issues with Plant Healthcare is the necessity of TIMELY TREATMENT against pests. Many plant health issues cannot be managed if treatment is not provided at the correct time of month and year. Consult with one of our specialists to ensure the plant healthcare programs you need and are correctly scheduled.